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“My Big Couple are very kind, helpful, and dependable.  They have taught me and my aunt how important it is to give back to the community.  We can call on them at anytime and they always do whatever they can to help us.  They have taught me how to cook, given me some gardening tips, helped me study and do my school work.  We have also gone hiking, played ball, bowled, and volunteered at different events together.  They have taught me the importance of friendship and have become an important part of my family.”
Submitted by Little- Dylan


“My Big Sis”
By Brittany & Linda

Let me tell you about my big sis,
we do this and this and this.
We go bowling and to the park.
We sit by the campfire after dark.
We sew headbands and make crafts.
We float in the pond on rubber rafts.
We visit the nursing home and make new friends.
We sing songs and read “til the end”.
We made walking sticks to hike in the creek.
Maybe someday we’ll learn to speak Greek!
We’ve gone to movies and painted our nails,
Do we have fun? It never fails!
We take trips out of state,
Journeys and adventures we do like to take.
Sometimes we even bake a cake!
I like her and she likes me.
We both like to write poetry.
We’re best friends as friends can be!


To all that are blessed by reading this:

Many people wonder if the organizations that are available to help kids really work.  What I am about to tell you is the truth.  They do. 

I have three sons, one that is 18 and twins that are 13.  I signed them up for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program mainly because their dad was always in and out of their lives.  I wanted them to have a strong male role model.  I am a single mother and knew there would be some questions that they would not want to ask me.  One day, I got a phone call and knew that my prayers had been answered.  The twins were about to meet a couple that could potentially become their Big Brother and Big Sister.  I remember that day well because I was so happy.

My oldest son was too old for the program by the time I made the call to Big Brothers Big Sisters, but for my twins the story was different.  They were placed on a waiting list for several months but it was well worth the wait. They could not have been matched with a better couple than they received.  They have been so good to my son’s. I have one in Boy Scouts and the other plays sports.  Their Big Brother and Big Sister rarely miss an event.  They call each other all of the time and it helps me because I know that they have someone else that they can talk to.  They also have someone to help guide them along the right path.  They both help me and give me advice and I do not know what I would do without them.

This December they will have been matched three years.  It has been an absolute blessing to get this opportunity for my sons.  Not only have their Big Brother and Big Sister become our friends, but they are like a part of our family.

In closing, I would like to tell parents to get their kids involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  It has been rewarding to see my sons thrive from the attention they receive from their Big Brother and Big Sister.  I have also benefited from having another adult to talk to and get suggestions from.  I am grateful to all those who work, volunteer, and support the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. There are no words to describe the difference that you have made in my family’s life.

Sincerely Yours,

Deborah B.   


"Being a part of BBBS has been a highlight of my life. I haven't had so much fun in years!"

Big Sister - Brenda 


BBBS has been a great way for me to make a positive impact in the same way many men have impacted me growing up. I got involved with BBBS because I know of too many boys without men in their lives to look up to, and so I felt it was my opportunity to get involved with at least one.

- BB Kyle Dickerson


When I started with the BBBS 5 years ago I just wanted give back because I had always been so blessed with my family. Now that they have moved, my hope for them is when times are tough or they're not sure what to do some of the things I tried to help teach them will help them make the right decision. I miss them but am glad for the experience because they taught me a lot also.

Big Sister Cindy W.



Volunteer Highlight

This month we are highlighting a Big Sister that works for the National Parks Department. Dafna works at the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park located off of State Route 104 in Chillicothe. She is matched with Little Sister, Angel in Ross County. Recently, Dafna was called upon by the Parks Dept. to help fight the wildfires in California. She has had specialized training and must attend a one day refresher course each year to maintain her eligibility in the fire crew. She never knows when she will be called upon and must be able to pick up and leave many times with only two or three hours notice. Many times when called out to fight a fire, crew members can be asked to stay two to three weeks depending on the intensity of the fire. Dafna was a full time firefighter for the National Parks Department. She has fought wildfires in all of the Western states, as well as, Florida and Georgia. She now works primarily at the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park.

On her most recent trip to California, Dafna partnered with twenty other crewmembers from all over Ohio. They were responsible for putting in fire line (cutting away vegetation to bare ground so nothing will burn), putting in fire hoses (sometimes miles at a time), putting on connectors and nozzles, and directly fighting the fire. They were able to contain the fire, but not before it had burned 90,000 acres. There were homes, ranches, and remote areas that were affected by the fire. They worked fourteen to fifteen hours a day trying to contain the fire. Dafna reports that it was “pretty exhausting work, but fun”. She also views her time fighting wildfires as an adventure, as well as, a great way to see the country. She has met new people on each adventure. Fire crews are made up of a mix of people. She has met teachers, police officers, and college students. They sleep in tents and have a mobile kitchen that feeds the crew members. The food is plentiful since the crew members are doing very arduous work and working long hours.

While on this trip Dafna reports that two people were injured. One became dehydrated and was taken to the medical tent and re-hydrated before returning to the fire line. Another was airlifted out of the area after falling off of a cliff and breaking his leg. While she views each experience as an adventure the seriousness and the risk involved is never far from her mind. Dafna has fought approximately 250 wildfires in her time as a firefighter. Some have been as little as a day and others for as long as three weeks. We appreciate the service that Dafna provides to Big Brothers Big Sisters but also for her service at the National Parks Department. We hope that she continues to be safe and healthy on her future trips.

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