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Board members are local community people who believe in the organization and want to volunteer their time to help the agency. Each Board member is required to sit on a standing committee and attend monthly committee meetings and Board meetings. Each Board member is committed to devoting 4-6 hours each month to the agency. They also assist in the recruitment of other Board members and volunteers as well as help with agency fund raising events.

President - Joyce Atwood (Ross)
Vice-President - Lisa Johnson. (Ross)
Treasurer - Nanette Sklenar (Ross)
Secretary - Meredith Tomlinson (Ross) 

Nelson Coleman (Ross)
Karen Conley (Ross)
Luke Feeney (Ross)
Wayne Holland (Ross)
David Manuta (Pike)

Highland County Advisory Board Members

James Crowe
Melanie Hamilton
Terry Mull
Brandy Pitzer
Cindy Wilson

Committee Members Not Serving As Board Members

Brooke Adams
Nancy Ames
Cheryl Barlarge
Robin Holland
Queen Lester
Deb Main
Mark McAlees
Kevin Norman
Al Rupiper

The agency strives to have representation from each community that we serve in order to assist our program in that community.  


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